Orientation services are the first support to access the university world and provide useful information in choosing the study programme that best suits your aptitude and professional aspirations.

To help you choose what to study you can download the Charter of Services Offered: in it you will find all of the tools that our Department makes available to students and their families.



Open University

"Open University" is an opportunity to allow you to enter the university and talk with faculty and students.

Faculty and student tutors are the facilitators who present the educational offer and the map of services, experiences and activities that characterize university life.


Orientation desk

The University provides a front desk where you can request information and clarifications on degree programmes and services.  To welcome students and their families there are professors, university staff and tutors, experienced students enrolled at the University for some time. Here you can pick up university guides and other informational materials on degree programmes, services, economic benefits (scholarships, accommodation and canteens) and opportunities (Erasmus, study and work abroad, sports).

The desk remains open in June, July and September at the Department, in the atrium of the central clock building (ground floor).


A day as a university student

To understand what it means to study and attend university, you can choose to spend "A day as a student". In agreement with your teachers, you can spend a morning or a

full day at the Pionta Campus, getting to know university students, attending academic lessons - in the morning or in the afternoon - and using university services such as the library.


The degree programme enters the classroom

In agreement with the faculty responsible for orientation and tutoring at the Arezzo Campus, you can request to organize meetings in your class to learn more about the training offered, the job opportunities, and the disciplines that characterise the degree programme you are interested in.


Interviews with the faculty

Throughout the academic year, professors from each degree programme are available, at set times, for individual interviews with students and their families. Moreover, the Department in Arezzo gives you the possibility to schedule an individual interview by appointment to better define and understand the organisation of the degree programme and the professional opportunities it offers, and to visit the Campus.



The Department offers the possibility to carry out internships in its own facilities, administrative offices and service centres. This activity will allow you an immediate entry into the university world to learn about the characteristics of the instruction offered, in  anticipation of your future enrolment.


Workshops connected to the “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro” government programme

These workshops are dedicated to the acquisition of soft skills; they will allow you to learn how to work in groups, solve problems, train yourself in entrepreneurship by finding the necessary information.



The objectives of the service are to facilitate the transition from university studies to the labour market by activating training courses aimed at introducing graduates to different professional fields and facilitating connections with companies through internships.

The department organises intensive meetings, workshops, and seminars aimed at guiding students in planning their professional future by clarifying the connection between the studied subjects and the labour market, and by facilitating the acquisition of general skills (performing in team work; preparing for a job interview; compiling a personal CV).



Open Day

Designed to present the degree programmes and the services offered by the University of Siena

Faculty interviews calendar

Dates of summer interviews with faculty from every degree programme

Personal orientation window

Personal orientation window where it is possible to plan orientation interviews, tours of the facilities, meetings with faculty tutors.

Advice and support offered by student tutors

The student tutors offer their support to whomever needs information about the organisation of the university system, the University of Siena services, the degree programme admission testing system, and much more.