Unisi-Wenzhou double degree

The University of Siena – Wenzhou University Double Degree


In 2022-2023, the University of Siena and the Chinese University of Wenzhou have launched a double degree programme. 

Students of the two universities will be able to obtain a first level degree in Languages for Intercultural and Business Communication from the University of Siena at the end of the third year and an equivalent "bachelor" qualification, recognized by the Chinese law, in Chinese Language and Literature with a major in Business Chinese from Wenzhou University at the end of the fourth year.

Students will spend the first two years at their university of origin, i.e. either Siena or Wenzhou, improving their proficiency in Chinese and Italian respectively, and then completing their courses at the partner university.

The programme offers the opportunity to obtain two Bachelor's Degrees within 4 years:

  • A three-year degree in Languages for Intercultural and Business Communication (Business curriculum) – University of Siena
  • A four-year degree in Chinese Language and Literature (Business Chinese) – Wenzhou University


锡耶纳大学与温州大学于2022/23学年推出双学位项目,对于意大利和中国双方有效。 参加阿雷佐跨文化和商务交流语言学位课程的学生可以获得申请学习资格。


两所大学的学生将能够在第三年结束时获得锡耶纳大学跨文化和商务交流语言一级学位以及中国法律认可的语言和汉语同等“学士”资格, 四年级末毕业于温州大学文化专业商务汉语专业。 学生将在锡耶纳或温州度过前两年,分别完成中文和意大利语学习要求,然后在合作大学完成国际流动培训课程。

该计划提供在 四年内获得两个学士学位的机会。


  • 锡耶纳大学:跨文化语言与商务沟通专业文学学士位
  • 温州大学: 汉语言文学(商务汉语)文学学士学位
Double degree study programme



University of Siena: Prof. Gianluigi Negro 

Unisi's International Relations Office: internazionale@unisi.it


Wenzhou University: Prof. Ye Miao, Prof. Song Zhanmei (contact Prof. Zheng Ting)